The River Tweed

The River Tweed is one of the latest rivers to remain open in Scotland for salmon fishing.  It does not close until the end of November each year and many of its famous beats produce huge salmon & sea trout catches during this time.

Tweed catches of late have been good and Spring salmon are caught on many of its beats from opening in February in the lower Tweed beats. Like the other rivers cold water keeps salmon at the lower end until usually somewhere in March when things start to warm a little then these fish will readily run up through most of the Tweed system.

Spring & Summer salmon & sea trout fishing on the Tweed can be very good as many thousands of salmon & sea trout run this prolific river each season. Like the River Spey the River Tweed tends to be fly only with the exception of high water levels where some Tweed beats permit the use of a spinning rod.

The Tweed can be very costly to access during late Autumn due to the huge numbers of fish present in the river. The popular River Tweed salmon fly patterns are the Eternal Optimist, Comet, Junction Shrimp, Gold Bodied Willie Gunn, Posh Tosh, Sir Richard, Cascade, Stoats Tail, Akroyd, Green Highlander & Blue Elver. 

The River Tweed opens each season on the 1st of February and closes on the 30th of November. When most of the other Scottish rivers are into their closed season the Tweed is still open for business and always highly productive at this time of the salmon fishing season. Huge numbers of salmon are present in the Tweed in the autumn and early winter months.

Jock Monteith